60,000 Adult Webmasters are now using PlugRush!

That’s right, more than 60,000 webmasters are now using the adult traffic trade and brokering service PlugRush.com! In just around 7 years, the guys from Norway has conquered a huge part of the adult traffic market place and now have an inventory of hundreds of thousands of websites along with millions of daily adult surfers for sale!

Unlike many other brokers, PlugRush displays their prices for everyone to see – so if you do compare, you will see that their rates are hard to match when it comes to adult mobile traffic.

Whatever your budget, whatever you are advertising – you should not be missing out on PlugRush. There is a reason many of my examples from my guide is from them and there is a reason that more than 60,000 webmasters are either trading, selling or buying adult traffic with them.

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