Chrome to Block Popups, Popunders and Other Ads

Early 2018 will be a dire time for porn site publishers using popups as a monetization method as this is when Google will be rolling out the new Chrome ad blocker.

This new Ad Block will be turned on by default in all new browser versions and it targets adverts that are identified by the Coalition for Better Ads, mainly Popups, Popunders and floating ads, all of which many adult sites use for earnings.

This loss of earnings will hit adult websites hard and even has the capacity to bankrupt those advertising networks whose sole focus is popups.

As of December 2016 the market share for Chrome was 58.4% and increasing year on year, meaning this ad block effect will be wide reaching and when the vast majority of chrome browsers have updated to implement the new ad block the deficit left from loss of popup earnings will be vast.

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