CreamyAds: Existing advertisers – Thank you for your loyalty!

CreamyAds is running a promo to reward existing advertisers for their loyalty, all you hav to do is use this code: thankyou during checkout to get an extra 30% on any cash deposit between $100 – $900!

Advertisers should click here to use the promo code.

This code is only announced on Adult Media Guide, so make sure you stick around to get the best promo codes and if you aren’t an advertiser, please do not be alarmed, as a publisher there is good money to be made with CreamyAds.

For one thing they pay CPM for their adzones and (this is crazy!) for CPC, we are seeing bids from advertisers of up to $0.670 per click! I dare you to find any program that pays more and if you do, please reply to this mail and let me know!!

Publishers should click here to get started!

Have a great and profitable weekend!

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