Weekend promotion from SmartxAds.com

I just got wind that SmartxAds.com is running a weekend promo promising double payments for any traffic generated as a publisher over the weekend:

SmartxAds.com promotion promising double payments

This is a good chance to try out their popunders, I’ve found that they pay a pretty decent average CPM.



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ClickPapa introduces IP Range Targeting for advertisers

This feature is something that a lot of you media buyers have been asking for and ClickPapa has listened and implemented IP Range Targeting for adult media buyers and advertisers.

You can now use your own database of IP ranges to filter the traffic you are buying.


You might want to check out some of their flat rate premium ad spots they are running right now on sites such as: YouJizz, AFF, XNXX, EmpFlix and VID2C

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End of year promotion with SmartXads

Send traffic and get $25 for free!

SmartXads is running a year ending promo promising anyone that registers an account and sends traffic before the first week of 2016 will get $25 extra credited to their account on the 11th of January 2016.

With ads that works on all platforms, SmartXads promises that you will never again see a wasted click or impression! Monetize all your traffic and get paid more with SmartXads today!

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Win $2000 with ExoClick & Paxum!

ExoClick has launched a competition for advertisers on their network. The competition is a free draw to give one lucky advertiser who uses Paxum to fund their advertiser account, a massive $2,000 to spend on traffic!

All advertisers that use Paxum on ExoClick.com during the month of December 2015 will automatically be entered into the lucky draw. On 4 January 2016 ExoClick will select at random one advertiser to win the prize of $2,000 to spend on traffic on their platform.

So if you are an adult advertiser or media buyer, now is the time to try out one of the biggest platforms out there!



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AdamoAds gives 100% payout to new publishers in december

Adamo Ads just let me know that they are giving new publishers 100% share of the income from the traffic they send during December. So if you want to test them out as an adult publisher, now is the time.


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ClickPapa Seasonal Rush

Make a deposit of $1000 or more and get a bonus of $50
Make a deposit of $2500 or more and get a bonus of $150
Make a deposit of $5000 or more and get a bonus of $350

Offer is valid only for deposits made between 8-31 December, 2015!

– Promo is active for Paxum and Wire deposits only, not PayPal
– Deposit quantity bands are not accumulative, you are entitled only to get the biggest bonus based on the deposit’s amount
– Flat-rate deposits are not part of the promotion


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smartXads goes live and pays its publishers more

A new self serve program has launched and it has promised to pay it’s publishers more than the other programs – that means $4 per 1000 clicks on their banners.

The owner of the program says: “We are confident that publishers will do well with us. For example, we have responsive video ads that work across all platforms and devices – very soon we’ll make sure that those ads are also able to circumvent the adblockers on the market. Oh and we also have interstitial ads that pay per impression, those are very cool! So if you are a new or existing publisher in the adult industry, you should try us out – I am sure you will not be disappointed!“.

There you have it. If you are a publisher looking to monetize your traffic, you should head on over to www.smartxads.com and setup you adzone today!


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Calling all pop-under advertisers and publishers!

A new program has just hit the street for adult popunders, so I’m calling out all adult publishers and adult media buyers to check out PopVertising today.

Naturally I reached out and had a chat with Andy (the owner of the program) and he told me that his inventory grows every day and that those advertisers that already tried out his program, has been coming back for more so he is looking for especially more publishers to stock up that growing inventory of his – but he also mentioned that all advertisers are welcome 😉

They focus on both adult and mainstream pops in all geos. They can target by country, browser, device, category and do black/whitelists. The minimum payout is $5 and they send payment every friday via Paypal, Paxum and wire transfers.

Get started today

And comment here to let us all know how it works for you. Welcome to the game!


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CreamyAds: Existing advertisers – Thank you for your loyalty!

CreamyAds is running a promo to reward existing advertisers for their loyalty, all you hav to do is use this code: thankyou during checkout to get an extra 30% on any cash deposit between $100 – $900!

Advertisers should click here to use the promo code.

This code is only announced on Adult Media Guide, so make sure you stick around to get the best promo codes and if you aren’t an advertiser, please do not be alarmed, as a publisher there is good money to be made with CreamyAds.

For one thing they pay CPM for their adzones and (this is crazy!) for CPC, we are seeing bids from advertisers of up to $0.670 per click! I dare you to find any program that pays more and if you do, please reply to this mail and let me know!!

Publishers should click here to get started!

Have a great and profitable weekend!

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ClickPapa pop-under inventory calls for advertisers

ClickPapa just sent a notice to everyone that they have a “HUGE amount of quality desktop pop-under traffic
from UK/CA/DE/FR/South Korea at around $1.5 CPM” so if you are in the pop-under market for those demographics, you should check it out today.

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