ClickPapa Seasonal Rush

Make a deposit of $1000 or more and get a bonus of $50
Make a deposit of $2500 or more and get a bonus of $150
Make a deposit of $5000 or more and get a bonus of $350

Offer is valid only for deposits made between 8-31 December, 2015!

– Promo is active for Paxum and Wire deposits only, not PayPal
– Deposit quantity bands are not accumulative, you are entitled only to get the biggest bonus based on the deposit’s amount
– Flat-rate deposits are not part of the promotion


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smartXads goes live and pays its publishers more

A new self serve program has launched and it has promised to pay it’s publishers more than the other programs – that means $4 per 1000 clicks on their banners.

The owner of the program says: “We are confident that publishers will do well with us. For example, we have responsive video ads that work across all platforms and devices – very soon we’ll make sure that those ads are also able to circumvent the adblockers on the market. Oh and we also have interstitial ads that pay per impression, those are very cool! So if you are a new or existing publisher in the adult industry, you should try us out – I am sure you will not be disappointed!“.

There you have it. If you are a publisher looking to monetize your traffic, you should head on over to and setup you adzone today!


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Calling all pop-under advertisers and publishers!

A new program has just hit the street for adult popunders, so I’m calling out all adult publishers and adult media buyers to check out PopVertising today.

Naturally I reached out and had a chat with Andy (the owner of the program) and he told me that his inventory grows every day and that those advertisers that already tried out his program, has been coming back for more so he is looking for especially more publishers to stock up that growing inventory of his – but he also mentioned that all advertisers are welcome 😉

They focus on both adult and mainstream pops in all geos. They can target by country, browser, device, category and do black/whitelists. The minimum payout is $5 and they send payment every friday via Paypal, Paxum and wire transfers.

Get started today

And comment here to let us all know how it works for you. Welcome to the game!


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CreamyAds: Existing advertisers – Thank you for your loyalty!

CreamyAds is running a promo to reward existing advertisers for their loyalty, all you hav to do is use this code: thankyou during checkout to get an extra 30% on any cash deposit between $100 – $900!

Advertisers should click here to use the promo code.

This code is only announced on Adult Media Guide, so make sure you stick around to get the best promo codes and if you aren’t an advertiser, please do not be alarmed, as a publisher there is good money to be made with CreamyAds.

For one thing they pay CPM for their adzones and (this is crazy!) for CPC, we are seeing bids from advertisers of up to $0.670 per click! I dare you to find any program that pays more and if you do, please reply to this mail and let me know!!

Publishers should click here to get started!

Have a great and profitable weekend!

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ClickPapa pop-under inventory calls for advertisers

ClickPapa just sent a notice to everyone that they have a “HUGE amount of quality desktop pop-under traffic
from UK/CA/DE/FR/South Korea at around $1.5 CPM” so if you are in the pop-under market for those demographics, you should check it out today.

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ExoClick introduces keyword and IP range targeting

In a bid to help adult advertisers and adult media buyers get better results ExoClick has introduced two new features:

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting allows you to get traffic from very specific and/or narrow niches and it has the following features:

  • Keywords can be composed of single or multiple keywords e.g. milk chocolate
  • Keywords can be specific niches, names of people/celebrities, brands or products
  • Input or block any keyword in any language

IP Range Targeting

This feature sounds simple but is something that I would like to see more adult traffic brokers do, allow you to use your own database of IP ranges to target specific IPs.

To use these new features, sign in to ExoClick

  • Go to Admin Panel > Advertisers > New Campaign > Advanced Settings
  • Enter an item into the Keyword Targeting or IP Ranges Targeting text area
  • Each item needs to be put on a separate line.
  • To block items place a minus sign before the Keyword or IP Range e.g. -MILF
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PlugRush Contest Launched

PlugRush has launched a contest where their publishers can win up to $2500 in cash. They payout via Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Redpass and Wiretransfers so if you win, you can either spend the money on traffic or just have them payout.

The contest is simple, all you have to do is use their widget and submit it here. They will pick the 10 best widgets. So you should put some work into making them look good, style them using their advanced mode when creating the widget.

You can read all about the competition right here and if you do not have an account with them, it’s never too late to get started today.

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Traffic company launches with great numbers

A new player is in town and they promise great things. With a slick and modern interface, the best performing (in house!) offers in the industry and a state of the art traffic-to-lander matching algorithm they are ready to help you maximize your eCPM!

Besides the usual partner offers, Traffic Company has their own products that are converting well in over 15 countries and they promise you a better ratio than most competitors. Let’s look at the numbers from their newsletter today:

Pos Country Best performing carrier ECPM
1. Australia Telstra & Optus € 72,50
2. Switzerland Swisscom € 70,66
3. Germany Eplus € 68,45
4. South Africa Vodacom € 28,40
5. Greece Vodafone € 26,80
6. Poland T-Mobile € 24,93
7. Portugal MEO € 22,44
8. Spain Vodafone € 21,21
9. Turkey Vodafone € 19,95
10. Netherlands All cariers € 17,80

How about an eCPM of €72,5 huh? That is just crazy good! Almost sounds too good to be true, but apparently it’s not!

Now the above table is for mobile carrier based traffic, so we know that traffic always performs better than regular desktop traffic or even wifi mobile – but I am being told by them, that even desktop pop-under traffic from countries such as: NL,BE,DE,AT,CH,IT,NO and DK are doing great.

In other words, I’m recommending that you board the Traffic Company train today and get started with the above countries. Better now than later!

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Using black and white lists to optimize your media campaigns

Learn everything about using black lists and white lists to optimize your adult media campaigns by reading this post over at

If you buy a lot of adult traffic, your biggest challenge is separating the traffic that creates sales from the traffic that just drains your marketing budget.  While traffic sellers typically offer basic tools to help you target your traffic buys, sometimes you need a more efficient way to let the good customers in and keep the freeloaders out.

To help our customers run optimal and successful campaigns, PlugRush has now added whitelist and blacklist tools for all our advertisers.

PlugRush traffic comes from a lot of different sources, so when you see a traffic source that does not convert well, you can blacklist that source so you aren’t wasting your budget. Conversely, when you see a traffic source that works especially well, you can whitelist that source so it always receives favored status.

You can look at your website like running a night club for example, you don’t want to let in the people who won’t buy your drinks. We are your bouncer and you control the guest list. We make sure your intended guests get in and the undesirables stay outside.

You can read the rest of the article right here!

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PlugRush celebrates website launch with traffic campaign has launched their new responsive website and to celebrate, has lowered the minimum bid on both clicked and pop-under traffic, they write:

To celebrate the new website launch, we have lowered the minimum bid for all desktop traffic. Only $1.00 for 1000 plug clicks AND $0.10 for 1000 pops!
We expect the low April prices to make it irresistible for you as a traffic buyer to try Plugrush traffic for yourself.

Here at Plugrush we address the traffic challenge in a unique way, and it’s our job to explain that to companies who buy or sell traffic. It all comes down to the PlugRush widget, or ‘plug,’ which is what we use to move traffic from sellers to buyers in place of traditional banner ads, and it’s why our traffic converts so well for advertisers.

Plugs are content marketing widgets that can be plugged into any website, offering visitors a number of different clickable choices that lead to a variety of different content. Traffic sent through any link in a plug can earn return traffic for traffic traders, or can simply earn revenue from advertisers for traffic sellers.

PlugRush has quickly grown to be one of the biggest adult traffic brokers and the reasons for that are numerous, but let me list some:

1. Ground breaking technology secures that you only get clicked human traffic when you buy it.

2. The awesome and unique plug system, that allows advertisers to post multiple plugs that allows for a more contextual funnel of traffic.

Now that the prices are low, it’s time to return to – or try out – PlugRush as an adult advertiser or adult media buyer! So get started today!


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