PlugRush celebrates website launch with traffic campaign has launched their new responsive website and to celebrate, has lowered the minimum bid on both clicked and pop-under traffic, they write:

To celebrate the new website launch, we have lowered the minimum bid for all desktop traffic. Only $1.00 for 1000 plug clicks AND $0.10 for 1000 pops!
We expect the low April prices to make it irresistible for you as a traffic buyer to try Plugrush traffic for yourself.

Here at Plugrush we address the traffic challenge in a unique way, and it’s our job to explain that to companies who buy or sell traffic. It all comes down to the PlugRush widget, or ‘plug,’ which is what we use to move traffic from sellers to buyers in place of traditional banner ads, and it’s why our traffic converts so well for advertisers.

Plugs are content marketing widgets that can be plugged into any website, offering visitors a number of different clickable choices that lead to a variety of different content. Traffic sent through any link in a plug can earn return traffic for traffic traders, or can simply earn revenue from advertisers for traffic sellers.

PlugRush has quickly grown to be one of the biggest adult traffic brokers and the reasons for that are numerous, but let me list some:

1. Ground breaking technology secures that you only get clicked human traffic when you buy it.

2. The awesome and unique plug system, that allows advertisers to post multiple plugs that allows for a more contextual funnel of traffic.

Now that the prices are low, it’s time to return to – or try out – PlugRush as an adult advertiser or adult media buyer! So get started today!


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