ExoClick introduces keyword and IP range targeting

In a bid to help adult advertisers and adult media buyers get better results ExoClick has introduced two new features:

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting allows you to get traffic from very specific and/or narrow niches and it has the following features:

  • Keywords can be composed of single or multiple keywords e.g. milk chocolate
  • Keywords can be specific niches, names of people/celebrities, brands or products
  • Input or block any keyword in any language

IP Range Targeting

This feature sounds simple but is something that I would like to see more adult traffic brokers do, allow you to use your own database of IP ranges to target specific IPs.

To use these new features, sign in to ExoClick

  • Go to Admin Panel > Advertisers > New Campaign > Advanced Settings
  • Enter an item into the Keyword Targeting or IP Ranges Targeting text area
  • Each item needs to be put on a separate line.
  • To block items place a minus sign before the Keyword or IP Range e.g. -MILF
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One comment on “ExoClick introduces keyword and IP range targeting
  1. Nimesh says:

    wow great news , it will be great to target the keywords

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